Exclusive! New 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric Review

2023 Volvo C40 serving as the more fashion-forward counterpart to the Volvo XC40 Recharge, the 2023 C40 Recharge features a fastback roofline and design cues tweaked to set it apart from its boxier sibling. Design …

2023 Volvo C40 Recharge Twin Pure Electric

2023 Volvo C40 serving as the more fashion-forward counterpart to the Volvo XC40 Recharge, the 2023 C40 Recharge features a fastback roofline and design cues tweaked to set it apart from its boxier sibling. Design aside, the C40 Recharge shares almost everything else with its XC40 Recharge kin, including a 402 hp electric powertrain, basic interior design, and onboard technology features.

The 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge carries an EPA-estimated driving range of 226 miles, which isn’t quite as cheap as its closest rival, the EPA-rated Audi Q4 e-tronSportback for 242 miles on a full charge. 2023 Volvo C40 Recharges quickly. While we’re not huge fans of Google-backed infotainment systems, Volvo’s small SUV is comprehensively equipped with many of the Swedish brand’s most desirable technological features as standard.

The 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge lineup is expanding to include the entry-level Core and mid-range Plus trims for 2023. Last year’s only Ultimate trim remains as the C40’s top model. Two new trims are available with the optional Climate package, which includes heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and a heat pump to help keep the cabin warm in cold weather. New Charcoal Fusion fabric interior upholstery is available, as is a wool blend option called Midnight Zinc.

2023 Volvo C40 Review

Following the introduction of the XC40 Recharge, Volvo is expanding its electric car lineup with the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge, a coupe-like crossover. Powered by a dual-motor setup, this EV is one of the fastest Volvos ever built. The 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge competes with other electric SUVs including the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Audi Q4 E-Tron.

The 2023 all-electric Volvo C40 Recharge small luxury SUV adds an extra level of style with its sloping roofline. Prices start at $55,300. Urbanites looking for high-end, zero-emission personal transport that doesn’t smell like “running school” or “mom soccer” about it should pay serious attention to the Volvo C40 Recharge. It packs a powerful punch along with a distinct visual impact. And it comes with a vegan-friendly interior.

It’s not just an electric version of another Volvo. These are individual models in the company’s portfolio. But still embodies traditional Volvo values, such as safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) made it a Top Safety Pick+ and received a maximum overall score of five stars in crash tests conducted by European agencies.

For regular commutes where recharging is easy, the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge’s maximum range of 226 miles is probably sufficient. Last year’s model was only sold online. This year, buyers will still be able to visit Volvo’s retail site and select things like color, wheels and options, but the final price and shipping are handled by dealers.

  • Impressive strength
  • Elevated driving position
  • Comfortable seats
  • Trim is now Core, Plus & Ultimate

What New

The 2023 Volvo C40 is both a style statement and a mode of transport. With dual electric motors, it is also fast. In our tests, the C40 Recharge is the same as its EV sibling, the XC40 Recharge. The “C” in the name denotes its coupe-like roofline, which compromises interior volume and rear visibility.

What the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge lacks in practicality is offset by driving dynamics. Quick acceleration is catered for with a well-calibrated single-pedal ride setting. However, the suspension errs on the stiff side and the handling falls apart when pushed at speeds similar to the C40’s acceleration.

The interior is also handsome, with high-tech equipment such as the Google Volvo-based infotainment system and stylish touches such as the backlit trim, which is made to look like the topography of Sweden’s Abisko National Park. We only wish the interior used more high-quality materials to match its gorgeous style.

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Aside from reduced cargo space, other downsides to the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge include its hefty range and slower charging time. Competitors such as the Tesla Model Y Long Range can travel additional 100-plus miles at a cost in excess of the 226 miles that Volvo’s EPA rating is rated for.

All in all, the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge carves a niche for itself for being more than just a tool. It’s an entertaining vehicle to drive, and Volvo’s over-the-air update technology ensures that any software bugs are resolved over time. If buyers find other EV offerings a bit unappealing, Volvo has the answer.

  • New Core and Plus trim levels
  • New interior options
  • Climate package for Core and Plus models
  • New wheel option
  • The two-tone black roof is discontinued

2023 Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

  • Range: 226 mi battery-only
  • MSRP: From $55,300
  • Dimensions: 175″ L x 75″ W x 63″ H
  • Horsepower: 402 hp
  • Towing capacity: 3,970 lbs
  • Battery charge time: 8h at 220V

2023 Volvo C40 Exterior

A distinctive feature of the 2023 C40 Recharge is its sloping roof. The relationship with the Volvo XC40 Recharge is like that between the BMW X3 and X4 or the Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 e-tron Sportback. So, Volvo gave us a choice between the squarer XC40 or the sleeker C40.

There’s no grille, just a panel the same color as the body. Black is the standard color. The other finishes — red, blue, gray, silver, and white — are premium paints for $695.

2023 Volvo C40 Interior and Cargo

With style being one of the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge’s top priorities, cargo volume isn’t as extensive as some competitors. In addition, the interior is not as spacious as the XC40 Recharge for passengers. Legroom isn’t just behind its stablemate, but also behind the Tesla Model Y, its closest competitor.

The 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge’s cabin largely mirrors that of the XC40. This means a high seating position, clever storage solutions throughout the cabin, and high-end materials and finishes. Don’t expect to see leather upholstery on the options sheet, though: Volvo says the C40 Recharge is the first completely leather-free vehicle in its lineup. Also unique to the C40 Recharge are the backlit trim panels on the dash and doors that light up to reveal an abstract representation of a topographical map.

Another big difference between the C40 and XC40 models is the more dramatic rear roofline. This coupe-like rake cuts into cargo space somewhat, but drivers tend not to notice it and are more likely to notice the much larger blind spot such styling creates.


Volvo equips each 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge with a vertically oriented 9.0-inch infotainment display running a Google-based operating system. The unit is paired with a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster. Features include Google Maps navigation, Google Assistant voice recognition, the Google Play app store, and over-the-air updates.

Apple CarPlay is standard, but Android Auto isn’t available as of this writing. An eight-speaker audio system is standard on the base and mid-range Plus models. The Ultimate trim accepts a premium 13-speaker Harman Kardon setup.

Infotainment and Connectivity

A touchscreen infotainment system running Volvo’s latest Google Android-based infotainment system is standard and capable of receiving over-the-air software updates. The system provides navigation via Google Maps and voice commands via Google Assistant. So far, we’ve found that the new interface is more responsive than Volvo’s previous Sensus system, but the on-screen buttons are smaller and more difficult to maneuver while driving.

Additional apps are available for download through the Google Play Store. A digital gauge display is also standard, and the loaded Ultimate trim is equipped with a premium Harman Kardon stereo system.


The emphasis on style hasn’t stopped the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge electric SUV from having plenty of storage area and very comfortable (heated) front seats. Or have a reasonable amount of rear passenger space. The rear legroom is the same as its XC40 counterpart: a generous 36.1 inches.

Rear headroom takes a 1.6-inch hit, at 36.7 inches. And the 14.6 cubic foot trunk area is only about a cubic foot smaller. A small storage space under the hood at the front is enough to accommodate charging cables.

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A standard fixed panoramic moonroof keeps things roomy, despite the fastback styling, although the rear three-quarters view is obstructed by the rear pillar and small rear window. Good thing blind-spot monitoring is standard across the line. It would be even better if Volvo also provided a shade for the moonroof, even though it has a UV protection coating.

The lining at the Core level is made of recycled plastic and crafted into a simulated skin. It still looks and feels quite classy for a luxury SUV. The plus model has simulated suede. And Ultimate offers a durable tweed fabric. The 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge doesn’t come with genuine leather.

2023 Volvo C40 Engine & Transmission

One electric motor per axle equips the 2023 C40 Recharge with all-wheel drive as standard. Total output is 402 horsepower and 486 lb-ft of torque.

The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. DC fast chargers can charge these batteries to 80 percent capacity in 40 minutes. That works out to about 50 to 60 miles for every 10 minutes. Bringing it up to 100 percent on a 240-volt home charger takes about eight hours.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates the mile-per-gallon-equivalent (MPGe) figure for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

  • Dual permanent magnet synchronous electric motor
  • 402 horsepower
  • Torsi 486 lb-ft
  • EPA city/highway fuel economy: 94/80 MPGe
  • EPA range: 226 miles

2023 Volvo C40 EV Motors, Power, and Performance

Volvo offers the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge with just one powertrain. A dual-motor arrangement powers every model, regardless of the trim selected. The combined output is 402 hp and 487 lb-ft of torque, which is good for sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

The EPA rates the 2022 C40 Recharge’s range at 226 miles, and we don’t expect that figure to change for 2023. The 75-kWh battery sits under the floor and can be charged for a maximum of 150 kW. That’s not bad, but for comparison, the 2022 Genesis GV60 electric SUV can charge even faster, with a top speed of 235 kW.

All 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge models come with two electric motors—one front-mounted and one rear that can generate up to 402 hp of power; all-wheel drive is standard. This powertrain is also available in the boxier XC40 Recharge, as well as the Polestar 2 electric car. Predictably, the C40 Recharge drives like its siblings.

On our test track, the C40 Recharge clocked up similar results to the XC40 Recharge, including an identical 4.3-second zero-to-60 mph time. That’s faster than electric SUVs like the Audi e-tron and Cadillac Lyriq, both of which start at a higher price point. The C40 Recharge’s ride is appropriate and handling is composed, but it lacks the snappy steering and eager attitude that made us like the more affordable Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Range, Charging and Battery Life

Underneath the base of the C40 Recharge is a battery pack with 75-kWh of usable energy storage, which the EPA says should provide a driving range of around 226 miles per charge. Speaking of charging, all 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge models are capable of 150 kW DC fast charging, which is said to be able to charge 80 percent in just 40 minutes.

For those planning to charge at home, connecting the C40 Recharge to a 110-volt or 220-volt outlet is also possible, but charging times will be slower. On our 75 mph highway fuel economy route, we observed 200 miles of highway clearance.

2023 Volvo C40 MPGe and Fuel Economy

The EPA estimates that the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge is good for 94 MPGe city and 80 MPGe highway, which is slightly higher than the XC40 Recharge, which is rated 92 MPGe city and 79 MPGe highway. For more information on the C40 Recharge’s fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 Volvo C40 Driving

Sit, go. One sensor recognizes when someone is sitting in the driver’s seat and another detects the presence of a key. So it’s just a matter of choosing D (or R), checking the surroundings, and starting the journey.

If the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge electric SUV is successful, multiple trips won’t take long. It can sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds, as a sizeable 402 hp and 486 lb-ft of torque is applied to the ground via the standard all-wheel-drive system. And the drivetrain handles inclines like flat roads.

No combustion engine means no induction grunt or exhaust noise. Passengers in the C40 Recharge SUV might just pick up on the whisper of the wind and the occasional quiet road rumble.

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Most of the time, ride quality is smooth. But anything bigger than a standard 19-inch wheel means that the lower profile tires can’t absorb all the imperfections of very rough roads.

Besides the incredible instant torque, most electric vehicles have the extra trick of driving with one pedal. When the brake energy regeneration function is at its strongest setting, slowing down and accelerating are done only with the accelerator pedal. Even coming to a complete stop doesn’t have to mean touching the brake pedal, unless some urgency is required. For drivers new to electric vehicles, this may seem daunting. But it’s surprising how easy it is and how quickly it becomes part of the driving habit.

The maximum range of 226 miles on a single charge is one of its few downsides, but it’s especially important because the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge is an all-electric SUV. There are plenty of competitors who could do better, though Volvo has stated that a future over-the-air update could improve things.

Favorite Feature

1. Sistem infotainment Google/Android

Controlled with a 9-inch high-definition touchscreen or via natural voice commands (simply say “Hey, Google” to get started), the system is capable of performing over-the-air updates and allows users to download apps via the Google Play store. Don’t worry, Apple CarPlay comes standard too.

2. Digital driver information display

Standard on every new C40 Recharge, this 12.3-inch display is easy to use while still adding to the rich feel of technology in the cabin.

3. Navigation system

Another standard feature, this system uses Google Maps. But it’s also programmed with the needs of electric vehicles in mind. It shows the location of the charger on the route and predicts the battery level at the end of the trip.

4. Hands-free operation of the liftgate

A powerful liftgate is standard in the 2023 C40 Recharge line of small SUVs. And it opens with a flick of the foot.

5. Pilot Assist

Paired with adaptive cruise control, it adds steering corrections to keep the C40 Recharge on track. However, the driver’s hands must remain on the steering wheel. This is exclusive to the top C40 Recharge Ultimate trim.

6. Audio Harman Kardon

Another feature only found in the Ultimate trim, it’s an excellent 13-speaker/600-watt surround sound system.

2023 Volvo C40 Safety

Safety has always been a hallmark of Volvo, and the C40 Recharge is no exception. The 2022 model received the Top Safety Pick+ 2022 award from IIHS, the agency’s highest honor. A number of active driver safety technologies are also included, including blind spot monitoring, cross-traffic warning, lane-keeping assistance, forward collision avoidance, rear parking sensors and road sign monitoring.

Also available is a 360-degree camera view system, full parking sensor coverage, fog lights, adaptive cruise control, headlight cleaner and Volvo’s Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving system.

2023 Volvo C40 Trim

As a style statement, the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge is best configured in the Ultimate trim level. For completeness, it receives the more attractive 20-inch wheels as standard. Other features include a heat pump for better battery temperature regulation, adaptive cruise control with Volvo’s Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system, 360 degree camera system, full parking sensors, fog lights, headlight cleaner, heated steering wheel, powered passenger seat, heated rear, folding rear headrests and a premium Harman Kardon audio system. Opting for the C40 Ultimate also opens the door to a new wool blend coating matched with a crystal gear selector knob from Orrefors.

2023 Volvo C40 Price

Regarding pricing, KBB reports that the 2023 C40 Recharge SUV, in Core trim, starts at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $55,300, plus a destination fee. Next comes the Plus trim at $56,850, followed by the C40 Recharge Ultimate at $60.1K.

There is some financial cushion available in the form of a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Some states also offer incentives, such as $2,000 from the California Clean Vehicle Rebate program. Free DC fast charging of 250 kilowatt-hours (kWh) for three years, using the Electrify America network, is also part of the overall package.

The all-electric, fastback and luxury small SUV niche isn’t limited to the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge. The Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback costs around $53K and has a range of 241 miles. The comparable Polestar 2 with all-wheel drive starts at around $53K, with a range of 260 miles.

The Genesis GV60 is relatively expensive, at $59K, but comes with a lot of the standard equipment while running 248 miles on a single charge. Even more expensive at $71K is the Jaguar I-Pace, whose range is 234 miles. The Tesla Model Y is roughly $66K, with a range of 318 miles, but it’s the only one listed here that doesn’t qualify for the California federal tax credit and rebate.

Before buying a new 2023 Volvo C40 Refill, check KBB.com Fair Buying Prices to see what others in your area are paying for their items. Resale value is still being calculated, but electric vehicles tend to retain their value fairly well.

We’ll be going with the mid-range Plus trim, as it adds a lot of equipment to justify the increase in price over the entry-level Core. Noteworthy additions include a 360-degree exterior camera system, power-folding rear headrests, a power-adjustable passenger seat, a 12-volt power outlet in the cargo area, and an adjustable cargo area cargo floor.

  • Core $56,395
  • Plus $57,945
  • Ultimate $61,195

People also ask Volvo C40 2023

Q: What’s new in Volvo C40 2023?
A: The redesigned 2023 Volvo C40 is expected to feature updated exterior colors, a leather-free cabin, heated seats in both rows, and faster charging times. If slow charging has been holding you back from making the jump to sustainable fuel, make sure you check this model out when it debuts.

Q: What is the tax credit for the 2023 Volvo C40 recharge?
A: Next is the Plus trim for $56,850, followed by the C40 Recharge Ultimate for $60.1k. There is some financial cushion available in the form of a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

Q: What will the Volvo C40 cost?
A: Now priced from $75,990 to $83,490 before on-road costs, the Volvo C40 EV offers an estimated WLTP range of up to 434km, an active safety assist suite as standard, and a unique LED taillight with sequential indicator.

Q: Is the Volvo C40 available in the US?
A: You can start your order online for the pure electric XC40 Rechargeable and C40 Rechargeable. If you are interested in a different model or a different powertrain, your local retailer will of course be happy to help put together a great quote on this.

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